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JessikAy Henna


My name is JessiKay Graham and I am a self-taught artist and designer living in Louisville, Kentucky. I've practiced the Art of Henna for 5 +years and have been drawing/painting/designing my own pieces for 10+ years. I specialize in murals and self portraits. My work has been commissioned for houses and offices in Louisville and is being worn on sweatshirts, shoes etc... 

I travel worldwide but I am based in Louisville, Ky. Mostly on weekdays. Weekends are spent at large festivals all over the USA. 


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IG: @jessikay1991

Facebook: Jessikay Graham
JessiKay Henna



JessiKAy Henna


Commission my henna work for your next event! 

  • Murals

  • Self-portraits

  • Clothing/Shoes

  • Bridal Henna

  • Maternity Henna

  • Custom Design Henna